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Legal Director

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Legal Director
Job Responsibilities:
(1) To participate in the drafting and deliberation of contracts of major capital operations, investment, financing and acquisition, and to participate the due diligence of investment projects.
(2)negotiation, drafting and revision of relevant contracts or agreements, establishment of cooperation framework, etc. for the enterprises with which the company has strategic cooperation;
(3)Responsible for the demonstration and review of major investment projects of the Group;
(4)management processes for legal affairs, to organize the implementation and to ensure good results of various tasks in legal affairs;
(5)To coordinate the management of internal affairs and personnel of the Legal Department;
(6)1、  To prevent legal risks in work of the company and to participate in the review of important contracts and documents;
(7)1、  Responsible for the major lawsuits and arbitration activities of the Group, and to assist in handling labor disputes.

(1) With Bachelor’s degree or above in economics and law;
(2) With legal experience in capital operation, investment, financing and acquisition, etc., and with the working language of English.
(3)With working experience of 5 years in the same position;
(4)Familiar with relevant policies and regulations in the real estate sector;
(5)Unique insights and in-depth understanding of economic and cost management work, as well as legal work such as contracts, documents, and lawsuits;
(6) With good skills of communication, analysis, coordination and leadership.

Tel: 66211372
Add: 12/F, 25-27/F Investment Plaza Building B, No. 27 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.