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  • Jay Ouyang
    As a founding partner of Red Horse Investments, Dr. Ouyang has accumulated tremendous experience of Investment and capital operation in international and domestic capital markets and strategic investment. He also has rich resource of enterprises, which includes large international financial institutions, syndicated funds and other multinational corporations and cooperative relationships between the government at all levels and state-owned enterprises.
    Dr. Ouyang has worked at global Wall Street offices for more than 20 years In JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Banque Paribas and ING Asset Headquarters, he managed an accumulated size of assets of more than $50 billions. As a senior fund manager, Dr. Ouyang has excellent academic background, holding B.S from University of Science and Technology of China. MBA, M.S from Columbia University. MA in Economics from University of Michigan and Ph. D in Fund Management in Finance from Tsinghua University
  • Zhixian Wu
    Mr. Zhixian Wu, holds a bachelor degree in management from Wuhan University and a master in
    economics from Fudan University, with a solid grounding in economic theory, good macroeconomic perspective and industry insight, with over ten years of experience in the capital markets, familiar with overseas market fixed income and derivative products related to investment, asset management, equity investment, venture capital and other business. Mr. Wu has worked in China Ping An asset management company as international investment manager, as a business representative in China in the Hong Kong CFC Symour and joined Red Horse Investments in 2007, he is the deputy general manager engaged in corporate debt management and equity investment business. During China Ping An period, Mr. Wu
    completed china's first pen structured interest rate products investment, in the first tranche of the structured investment credit products, structural products of china's first pen exchange rate hedge fund investment, assisting the CIRC developed foreign investment in insurance companies Operating guideline.
  • Kaiping Han
    Mr. Han graduated in business administration from Hunan Normal University in 1982 and earned an MBA from Roland University in Hungary. Since 1992. he has successively worked as a researcher in the policy research department of Hunan Province, general manager assistant of the Sunshine Group(Hong Kong) general manager of Sunshine's eastern-European International Investment Company ,a supervisor of Hunan Changsha Dadao Development Co. Ltd and also a general manager of Hainan Sanya Sea Amusement Company. He has controlled investment projects amounted over hundred millions of dollars and has been in charge of international trade; international investment and project construction development, operation and management. He has rich management experience in both investment and construction projects.
  • Jiwen
    Ms. Ji Wen in the domestic investment community has accumulated rich experience in investment management and expertise in capital operation of listed companies such as IPOS, re-financing, mergers and acquisitions, management, securities services. She has rich practical experience and operational capability in asset securitization, venture capital, private equity funds, asset management. She has expertise in investment banking, corporate management and capital operation, combing macroeconomic analysis, industry economic study business research, market analysis and unique insights in order to make accurate judgments
  • Kun Bai
    Kun Bai, Ph D in finance from Central University of Finance and Economics and Durham University (UK).She published academic papers in the national financial journals such as "Economic Issue" and other important journals.
    MS. Bai has more than seven years of experience in securities consulting firms and has in-depth research and unique insights into china's securities market. She has participated in large insurance group's asset management to fund investment business. As a financial expert, she has participated in several times and presided over the central financial sector and asset management departments of the financial audit projects. She has seven years of equity investment company management experience, investment in several projects and successfully listed exit of companies from industries such as renewable energy, new technology and multimedia industries, thus she has accumulated extensive experience over the years Familiar with the listed companies in the matter of private placement financing, equity pledge financing
    credit financing, M&A financing and other related in formation management business and institutions.
  • Linfei Zhang
    Mr Linfei Zhang Holds a MBA(Master of Business Administration from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Obtained his Bachelor of Science from Shandong University, where he majored in Engineering, specifically Measurement &Control Technology and Instruments. Having previously worked for vanous government sectors including the Government Affairs Bureau, Government Organization Department and the Government Development Zone, his background lends to extensive experience with foreign investment, government approval and industry development. He also worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which provides him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of disciplines, namely: high-tech industry investment, the supervision & approval of state-owned assets, operations under the combined fields of technological innovation and industrialization. His work at TUS-holdings(Tsinghua Holdings) allowed him to accumulate further experience in a number of fields, incubator operations, M&A and a vast knowledge of the operations behind TUS-holdings flagship product TusPark. Currently in his senior position at Red Horse Investment Ltd, Mr Zhang maintains strong relationships with government agencies,central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. He has presided over and participated in a series of major investments in the high-tech industry on behalf of the company