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  • Red Horse Investments focuses on the following areas
    * Biotechnology field: Focuses on business projects of specific technological innovation with strong potential for growth such as gene biology, medicine, medical technology medical equipment and healthcare.
    * TMT sector The technology media and telecom sector, with a directed focus in business projects from industries with high growth and breakthrough potential coupled with huge market capacity-including and not limited to fields such as media, telecommunications, science and technology information technology services, games, digital TV and new media.
    * Internet, communications fast-moving consumer goods and services -with a particular focus on projects with high-growth business models or featuring cutting-edge technology.
    * Media, press and publishing: In particular business projects involving large publishing groups, film digitization and new media.
    * Environmental protection and energy preservation With particular interest in business projects featuring new technology and projects with concepts based on new, innovative energy resources.
    * Natural resources Focus primarily on business projects concerning coal, oil, natural gas, metals(ferrous non-ferrous metals, precious metals), non-metallic and other high-quality mineral resources, along with resource-related industrial projects.