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Human resource is the most important asset of the enterprise, and talent is the first capital of the enterprise
Red Horse investments group seen talents as the primary driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise and an important component element of our core competitiveness. We create a pleasant, harmonious, professional and learning working atmosphere, to build a platform for excellent talents to achieve their career dreams.

Only excellence can be distinctive
We appreciate the diligent and hard-working, responsible and effective implement employees who will become the core value of the enterprise with professionalism, dedication and continuous improvement of professional competitiveness. We encourage our employees to constantly go beyond themselves, to promote the growth of the company and individuals and to become reliable strategic partners.

Create excellence and build our blueprint
We have gathered many excellent talents from domestic and foreign financial institutions, professional firms and various industries to form a young and e vibrant team. We hope that each colleague can bring the luxuriant growth process of his/her career. Create excellence and enjoy a wonderful life.