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 Investment Advantages
A professional fund management organization is the key for the marketing and commercialization of investment funds Investment funds are required to provide investors with stable and favorable returns. From the perspective of fund management, the pursuit of investment returns to increase investors' confidence isextremely important for the long-term development of the fund.

Red Horse Investments has a highly efficient and flexible risk-controlled investment decision-making mechanism. It hires senior professionals from well-known global industries and fields, setting up a Strategic Investment Advisory Committee. With the ability to lock-in transaction risk and all-around resources to ensure cost-effective entry point for investments. Red Horse Investments adopts a flexible either value-oriented or transaction-oriented investment strategy to maximize investors financial return.

Financing Advantages
Red Horse Investments has the ability to raise capital globally. The company is able to raise funds from investors through high-end, direct and specialized channels. As a professional private equity investment organization, Red Horse Investments is highly recognized by numerous insurance institutions, pension funds, FOF, institutional investors and other potential investors and therefore is provided with a large pool of highly efficient and reliable financing resources.

Management advantage
Red Horse Investments is able to facilitate the investment portfolio with superior management resources such as market channels, capital operation advices and all-round strategic planning, etc, thereby positioning the project company in the long-run.

Red Horse Investments formed strategic alliances with a series of leading international and domestic fund investment management teams. Through joint investments and pooling of resources within a global spectrum, Red Horse Investments is able to minimize investment risk. In addition, Red Horse Investments can provide outstanding brand sharing advantages ensuring investment exit.

Sign out advantage
Red Horse Investments has rich exit experience and is familiar with all kinds of exit channels worldwide. The company has built-up intensive capital network both domestically and internationally which provide the flexibility of ways of exit to optimize its investment returns. The company has successfully realized superior returns though taking our portfolio companies to public, reverse takeover, M&A, MBO, and equity transfer etc.