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  • Asset Management Consulting Services
    The company brings together first-class professionals, such as investment bankers, business consultants and industrial professionals and through complementary accomplishment, providing clients with a variety of products to enhance risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation.

  • Investment Banking Services
    Our services include international mergers and acquisitions, financial product development, asset and debt restructuring, MBO, financial advisory service for government and consulting services for corporate capital operations
  • Corporate Restructuring and M&A
    We should focus on the restructuring of large central enterprises or state-owned enterprises. It will take part in the merger and reorganization of large or large regional enterprises. Focus on mineral, energy, electric power and iron and steel. Mergers and acquisitions of state-owned enterprises in transportation, materials, energy conservation and environmental protection. Through the combination of dominant capital and industry leading enterprises, the integration of enterprise merger and acquisition will be carried out to create a comprehensive industrial group with industry leading position, international brand and international scale.
  • Private Equity Fund Management and Investment
    Private Equity Investment and fund management have been Red Horse Investments' main source of profits to date. It is also a major contributor to Red Horse Investments' brand building and strategic business development. Red Horse Investments is committed to create the most advanced private equity investment funds and to be a top brand fund manager