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Zhixian Wu

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Mr. Zhixian Wu, holds a bachelor degree in management from Wuhan University and a master in
economics from Fudan University, with a solid grounding in economic theory, good macroeconomic perspective and industry insight, with over ten years of experience in the capital markets, familiar with overseas market fixed income and derivative products related to investment, asset management, equity investment, venture capital and other business. Mr. Wu has worked in China Ping An asset management company as international investment manager, as a business representative in China in the Hong Kong CFC Symour and joined Red Horse Investments in 2007, he is the deputy general manager engaged in corporate debt management and equity investment business. During China Ping An period, Mr. Wu
completed china's first pen structured interest rate products investment, in the first tranche of the structured investment credit products, structural products of china's first pen exchange rate hedge fund investment, assisting the CIRC developed foreign investment in insurance companies Operating guideline.