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Linfei Zhang

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Mr Linfei Zhang Holds a MBA(Master of Business Administration from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Obtained his Bachelor of Science from Shandong University, where he majored in Engineering, specifically Measurement &Control Technology and Instruments. Having previously worked for vanous government sectors including the Government Affairs Bureau, Government Organization Department and the Government Development Zone, his background lends to extensive experience with foreign investment, government approval and industry development. He also worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which provides him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of disciplines, namely: high-tech industry investment, the supervision & approval of state-owned assets, operations under the combined fields of technological innovation and industrialization. His work at TUS-holdings(Tsinghua Holdings) allowed him to accumulate further experience in a number of fields, incubator operations, M&A and a vast knowledge of the operations behind TUS-holdings flagship product TusPark. Currently in his senior position at Red Horse Investment Ltd, Mr Zhang maintains strong relationships with government agencies,central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. He has presided over and participated in a series of major investments in the high-tech industry on behalf of the company