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Kun Bai

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Kun Bai, Ph D in finance from Central University of Finance and Economics and Durham University (UK).She published academic papers in the national financial journals such as "Economic Issue" and other important journals.
MS. Bai has more than seven years of experience in securities consulting firms and has in-depth research and unique insights into china's securities market. She has participated in large insurance group's asset management to fund investment business. As a financial expert, she has participated in several times and presided over the central financial sector and asset management departments of the financial audit projects. She has seven years of equity investment company management experience, investment in several projects and successfully listed exit of companies from industries such as renewable energy, new technology and multimedia industries, thus she has accumulated extensive experience over the years Familiar with the listed companies in the matter of private placement financing, equity pledge financing
credit financing, M&A financing and other related in formation management business and institutions.